Julian Edelman and Victoria’s Secret Model Adriana Lima Have Been Hanging Out (Pics)

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Tom Brady may be the one with Gisele, but on the basis of talent proportionate to girlfriend’s hotness, Julian Edelman might be overachieving more, having apparently nabbed Adriana Lima—at least, if these photos of the couple holding hands and walking are to be believed.

Edelman’s not a tall guy, but he’s not super-short either, at 5’10”. Nonetheless, the Victoria’s Secret model absolutely dwarfs him in these pics, even though she’s wearing flats.

The photos were taken in Nantucket, meaning the couple was likely vacationing there. I’m wondering if a Patriots player can find any peace in Nantucket, what with all the getting accosted by fans. I guess if you’re with Adriana Lima, you just try your best to enjoy yourself.

Check out the full-size pics of the two below, looking…pretty.


CoONI0-WIAAGOQA.jpg-largeHat Tip – [Terez Owens]


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