Clippers Equipment Manager Blake Griffin Punched in the Face “No Longer Works for the Team”

blake griffin apologizes clippers equipment manager matias testi

Hey, remember when Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin punched a team equipment manager in the face and broke his hand? Well, turns out that equipment manager does not work for the Clippers any more.

Griffin and equipment manager Matias Testi are or used to be pretty good friends. However, during a road trip to Toronto back in January, the two got into an argument while out for dinner at some swanky restaurant. And that argument culminated in Griffin breaking his hand on Testi’s face.

Griffin was suspended by the team, and he later apologized to everyone, including Testi. So it appeared that everything had blown over. But now it looks like maybe it didn’t.

The folks at TMZ recently asked a Clippers rep about Testi, a longtime employee, and they were told he “no longer works for the team.”

Did he quit? Was he fired? Did it have anything to do with the Blake Griffin bustup? We don’t actually know. But this is the internet, where you don’t have to have any proof for anything you say. So until the Clippers prove otherwise, let’s just go ahead and say Testi was fired because he spiked Blake Griffin’s chocolate milk with laxatives and Blake Griffin shat himself during practice. Cool?

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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