College Football Playoff Games Moved to Saturdays or Holidays

Credit: Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Credit: Tom Pennington/Getty Images

College football fans rejoice!!!

On Thursday, it was announced that the College Football Playoff management committee would finally move the semifinal games off non-holiday New Year’s Eves. “In four of the next seven years, those games will be played the following Saturday. In two of the other years, they’ll be played on New Year’s Day. During the 2021-22 season, semifinals will be held on Dec. 31, a Friday.”

“We had healthy discussions with a lot of people who love college football and we concluded that making these changes would be the right thing to do for our fans.” said Hancock.

“We tried to do something special with New Year’s Eve, even when it fell on a weekday,” CFB Playoff spokesperson Bill Hancock said in a statement. “But after studying this to see if it worked, we think we can do better.  These adjustments will allow more people to experience the games they enjoy so much.  For these four years, our previous call is reversed.”


“But after studying this to see if it worked, we think we can do better..”

Translation: The ratings were horrible and we had no choice but to move the games. Great news for ESPN who paid $7.3 billion over 12 years for broadcasting rights.



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