Kevin Garnett Was Super Excited to See His Jersey on ‘The Price Is Right’ (Video)

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It’s not at all interesting that someone was wearing a Kevin Garnett jersey on The Price is Right. People wear all sorts of stuff on that show. And it’s only mildly interesting that he was excited to see his jersey on his TV. HOWEVER, there are two things that are VERY interesting.

The first is that he actually DVR’d the moment his jersey appeared on camera, then took a video of the screen, then uploaded it to Instagram. That’s sort of a lot of work.

Secondly, it’s VERY interesting that KG is the type of guy who kicks back on a Wednesday to watch The Price is Right. That’s something that only old people with too much time on their hands and sick elementary school kids watch. And Kevin Garnett, I guess.

Here’s the video:

Que? TF…

A video posted by Kevin Garnett (@tic_pix) on

Is he watching this show every day? Does he like Drew Carey more than Bob Barker? Can I watch it with him? I won’t even say anything. I’ll just sit there silently.

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