Guitarist Micki Free Confirms Dave Chappelle’s Basketball Story About Prince, Offers New Details


Micki Free might not be a household name, but he still has people approach him as one of the guys who played basketball with Prince that fateful night that Charlie Murphy recounted on The Chappelle Show.

Free says he had known Prince to be a great basketball player, and the reasons he didn’t get more acclaim in high school was simply due to his small size (5’2″) and that the team was considered the most talented in Minnesota history, with four starters playing D-I ball.

Free says the famous night took place in Beverly Hills at Prince’s home and actually consisted of 3-on-3.

And, yeah, they were all wearing frilly shirts, and Prince DID keep repeating “Game, Blouses.” After the win.

How cool is that?

Here’s the episode, for those who have never seen it:

Hat Tip – [The Undefeated]

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