Monty Williams Says He Still Texts His Recently Deceased Wife (Video)

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Earlier this year, Former Oklahoma City Thunder assistant Monty Williams tragically lost his wife Ingrid Williams, who was hit head on by another car that had crossed over the center line while going 92 mph in a 40 mph zone. The other driver, a woman identified as Susannah Donaldson, also perished in that crash.

 On Friday, Williams stated in an interview with ESPN that he still texts his late wife as part of his daily routine.

“Do you find yourself talking to her?”

“Yeah, I still text her. Yeah. It’s not like I know she’s going to answer — I know she’s not going to answer — but it’s just part of what I do. I’ll go outside at night and I’ll just look up in the sky and start talking to her. When you’ve been with somebody for 26 years and married for 20, you know, you would just have to be around us to know what we were like. So I find myself doing everything that I can, that I knew she would do, especially with the kids. Because she was the one who I could bounce my life off of, and she wasn’t afraid to tell me the truth. The reality is we live in a world that’s filled with stuff, and quitting is not an option. It’s just life. You have to be able to get up, face your flaws, and just, whatever it is — a step, an inch — you’ve just got to keep moving forward.”

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