Slovakian Swimmer Katarína Listopadová Wants You to Know She Has a Gold Medal Backside (Pics)

Slovakian Swimmer Katarína Listopadová Instagram

The Olympics are about breathtaking displays of athleticism and human beings realizing their full potential through hard work and dedication. However, as a result of that hard work and dedication, the Olympics are also full of incredibly gorgeous men and women showing off their sculpted physiques in tight-fitting clothing. And it’s pretty much impossible to ignore this fact nowadays, as athletes themselves are using social media to show off sexy fruits of their labor.

Just take a look at Slovakian swimmer Katarína Listopadová. She is 23 and will be competing in the 100m backstroke and 100m butterfly in Rio. She also has an Instagram account that places a pretty huge emphasis on her rather shapely backside.

See for yourself:

If Brazilian beach, then better take Brazilian ass with you #rio2016#tb#

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Of course, there are also sexy photos that don’t features her backside…

Enjoy every second. Every day. Every new place. Never stop to explore. #summeronpoint#

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I’d say Winifer Rodriguez has some serious competition.

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