Tim Tebow Says He Can Still Be An NFL Quarterback, Is Apparently Serious


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Last summer former Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly trolled football fans by bringing Tim Tebow to training camp before he was like, “nah, JK.” When that little experiment was over, most observers figured that that was finally it for Tebow. His NFL career was finally over.

Tim Tebow still isn’t sure, though. He recently sat down for a chat with CBS Radio’s Doug Gottlieb, and during the course of that chat he revealed that he still thinks he can succeed in the NFL.

“I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in,” Tebow said. “I’m still young, I still feel really good. So is that something that I feel like I can be an effective quarterback in the NFL? Yeah, I really do feel like I could be.”

That said, Tebow also admitted he is not desperate to get back to the NFL, and thus would not just jump on any opportunity.

“There are a lot of other things that I’m doing that I love and that I’m blessed to do. Whether that’s being part of college football, whether that’s—I just wrote another book—whether that’s what my foundation is doing in 16 countries.

“I’m extremely busy doing a lot of things I love to do. Football is just one thing that I love to do. But it can’t become your everything because eventually you’re not going to be able to play, whether that’s today or five years from now. And if it’s your everything, when you’re done what do you do?”

Tim, I think I speak for the vast majority of football fans when I say stick to those other things.

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