Vikings’ 3rd-String QB Will Miss Training Camp after Getting Injured Breaking into His Own Home

Oakland Raiders v Minnesota Vikings
Taylor Heinicke isn’t exactly a household name throughout the league. In fact, he’s not even a household name among Viking fans, so the 3rd stringer should probably make sure that he uses every resource available to him to improve his game and carve out a career for himself.

That probably doesn’t include slicing your leg open while breaking into your own home after a late screening of The Conjuring 2.

Heinicke realized he was locked out of his house upon his return from a late showing of the film two weeks ago and, with a buddy, tried to pry open the double doors of his Atlanta home. Remarkably, things didn’t go perfectly, and he ended up kicking through a small window, cutting his leg.

He hopes to be in good health by the September 11th opener. As for the movie, he, like the rest of America, thought it was “pretty good.”

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