Chris Paul Challenges Jordan At Basketball Camp (Video)

chris paul

Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chris Paul was a recent guest of Michael Jordan’s at his annual “Flight Camp.” And CP3 took that opportunity to challenge MJ on the court.

If you were hoping for a game of one-on-one, prepare to be disappointed.

The game was if Michael Jordan missed 3 shots, the entire camp would get free shoes. Paul and the campers tried everything from making noise by slapping the court to covering his eyes, but MJ made every single shot.

Of course he did:


They had to switch it up since MJ wasn’t going to miss. Former Los Angeles Lakers point guard Derek Fisher was summoned to the floor next and if he hit this shot, the campers would still leave with shoes.

He missed:

#MJ rules… if D.Fish hits these shots.. Shoes for the whole camp.. #MjFlightSchool16

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