Cleveland Browns Owner Says They ‘Could Win 4 or 5 Games & Feel Good About Things’

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The Cleveland Browns are the perennial doormats of the National Football League. The Browns are that one team in the league you put a W by whenever the league releases the schedule for the upcoming season. Only the Browns would draft a partying alcoholic quarterback in Johnny Manziel and release him after 1 terrible year, and rightfully so.

The suck that is the Browns extends from the players all the way into the front office with the owner Jimmy Haslem, who seems to be just fine with a sub-par season.

“I can’t guarantee we’re going to have a winning season after going 3-13,” Haslam said Sunday, according to‘s Mary Kay Cabot. “I know we’ll be a better football team, and we’re directionally correct. These guys will work hard and play hard, and our fans will appreciate that. (But) we have a long way to go. …

“I don’t want to go there,” Haslam said, when asked to speculate on how many wins the Browns could have in 2016. “That’s one of those trick, gotcha questions. We could win four or five games and feel good about things or we could win eight. We’ll all know when we stand here on Jan. 1st if we’re improving. We’re going to have a young team.”

In his defense, Haslem has only been a part of the suck since he bought the team in 2012 and he’s fired 3 coaches and has had 4 consecutive losing seasons in the process. The big part of the problem has been the QB position and Haslem hopes Robert Griffin III can rediscover that magic he had back in his first season with the Washington Redskins.

“He’s obviously a tremendous athlete,” Haslam said. “He’s been a model person since he’s been here, worked hard. Early in his career, he showed potential to be a big-time quarterback. Hue can have a very positive impact. All of us need to be patient with Robert. He hasn’t played in two years, and he’s still only 26 years old. It seems like Robert has been around (forever) because he broke in at 22 and had that big year, but he’s only played a half-year, three quarters of a year since then, but we’ll see.”


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