Klay Thompson Says He’s Not Sacrificing Sh*t Now That Kevin Durant’s on The Warriors

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In an interview with the Vertical, Golden State Warriors’ Klayu Thompson made it very clear how he reacted to the news of Kevin Durant choosing the Warriors and how he wouldn’t be sacrificing a damn thing just because he’s on the team. Nothing changes.

“I was sleeping,” Thompson told The Vertical, “and my brother came to my room and woke me up to tell me that KD committed. I didn’t believe it at first when he told me, so I had to check my phone and verify it. I was like, ‘Seriously? KD really chose us?’ It was an incredible moment for our organization, and I was psyched. We had the final form of our team.

“And then I went back to sleep.”

Then Thompson went on to explain how nothing will change with his game just because they have another top tier scorer in the league.

“I feel kind of disrespected that people keep using the term sacrifice to describe me and describe us,” Thompson told The Vertical. “We all want to see each other do well. But I’m not sacrificing [expletive], because my game isn’t changing. I’m still going to try to get buckets, hit shots, come off screens. I want to win and have a fun time every game we play.

“The NBA season can get mundane; 82 games are so long and there can be some boredom. Now, we can embrace being the hated team and getting everyone’s best, and adding some tension every night. It’ll be a fun experience going into arenas on the road, with opposing fans hating what we’ve built.”

Durant who was on the opposite end of the court pretty much echoed what Klay Thompson said:

“We want Klay to stay Klay,” Durant told The Vertical. “We don’t want him to change. The games dictate where the shots come from. I may shoot 12 shots one night; Klay may shoot eight or nine shots one night, and Steph may shoot 25 shots one night. And it could be a different flow another night.”


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