Insane Man Sets Record by Jumping From Plane at 25,000 Feet…Without a Parachute (Video)

Luke Aikins made history over the weekend as he took to a plane high above Simi Valley, California, in an effort to become the first person to jump from a flying plane with no parachute.

The stunt, fortunately, went off without a hitch, and Aikins got his notoriety.

Before we talk about how we did it, let’s take a look at the event itself:

#lukeaikins completes record-breaking #heavensent jump!

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…and then there’s the longer video:

So how does a guy fall five miles from the sky without getting crushed upon impact?

Well, it helps to have a giant, 100 x 100 net that sits 20 stories up to catch him.

The whole idea wasn’t really his, but a buddy’s. However, Aikins, who initially rejected the idea because he has a family, eventually acquiesced and did the damn thing.

Pretty cool, right?

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