Oakland Raiders WR Amari Cooper Says He Doesn’t See Talent Difference Between SEC & the NFL (Audio)

Green Bay Packers v Oakland Raiders

Drug test him, now.

Oakland Raiders wide receiver Amari Cooper continued exactly what he was doing at Alabama with the Oakland Raiders during his rookie year, raking up 72 catches for 1,070 yards and six touchdowns. To be fair, that is 52 catches & 657 yards less than what he had during his last year at Alabama, but Cooper really doesn’t see a big difference in talent from the SEC to the NFL.

“Overall guys are better, but overall guys are smarter,” Cooper said on SiriusXM NFL Radio, according to Cameron DaSilva of FOXSports. “And that’s the biggest thing: Guys are smarter. The talent level, to me, probably is about the same coming from the SEC. But they’re smarter, so it makes them better.”

While Cooper knows what it’s like to play against top defensive backs in the SEC & the NFL, you’d be hard-pressed to find anybody that would agree with Amari on this one.

Against top competition, Cooper struggled. He was held without a catch against the dominant secondary of the Denver Broncos in Week 14, and put up 49 yards in their earlier contest. Darrelle Revis held to him to just four catches, Sean Smith limited him to just 89 yards in two games against the Kansas City Chiefs, while Detroit Lions cornerback Darius Slay shut him down all game long, only allowing one catch.”



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