Check Out the Latest Steph Curry Dad Shoes, the Under Armour Curry Lux Lows (Pics)

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Brace yourselves. More Steph Curry shoe memes are coming.

Back in June, Under Armour unveiled Steph Curry‘s new signature shoes, the Curry 2 Lows, during the NBA Finals, and they were widely ridiculed on the interwebs and promptly labeled “dad shoes.” So Under Armour went back to the drawing board.

Now they have unveiled their latest attempt, the Curry 2 Lux Lows. The good news is they are not dad shoes. The bad news is they are grandpa shoes.

Take a look:

A photo posted by CONCEPTS (@cncpts) on

A photo posted by CONCEPTS (@cncpts) on

A photo posted by CONCEPTS (@cncpts) on

If these look familiar to you, that’s because they’ve pretty much identical to the orthopedic walking shoes your grandpa has been wearing since 1998:

steph curry dad shoes

I honestly did not think it was possible for Under Armour to make a worse shoe than the Curry 2 Low. But I stand corrected. The Curry 2 Lux Lows is absolutely hideous.

The really crazy thing, though? Under Armour is releasing Curry 2 high tops in red, white, and black that actually look pretty good:

Seriously, what the hell is going on at Under Armour?

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