Vivid Entertainment Has Offered Draymond Green $100K to Do a Sex Tape After He Accidentally Leaked D*ck Pic

Golden State Warriors v Portland Trail Blazers - Game Three

A few days ago, Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green accidentally posted his penis to his snapchat story and sent social media into a frenzy. After initially denying it, he admitted that he hit the wrong button and that the pic was meant for a chick & not the world to see.

According to TMZ, the porn company Vivid entertainment were impressed with Draymond’s package and they’re offering him 6 figures to star in a celebrity sex tape.

“Vivid Entertainment honcho Steve Hirsch fired off a letter to DG saying he saw the dong selfie Green accidentally posted on Snapchat over the weekend … and believes it’s the perfect centerpiece for a new celeb sex tape.

“Here’s the deal: We will give you $100k to star in a porn called ‘Drayzilla,'” Hirsch wrote.

“You call all the shots. You pick your co-stars and set up the scene however you want.”

Hirsch says he adamantly believes the tape can “really make history.””

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