Dez Bryant Calls Bleacher Report ‘Dumb-ass’ For Laughing at Video of Him Dropping Passes


On Tuesday, a video went viral showing Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant struggling at the jugs machine dropping passes.


Many media outlets shared the video, but it was Bleacher Report’s caption (“Dez dropped it”) on the video that seemed to set Dez Bryant off on Wednesday. During an interview with CBS DFW, Dez went off on Bleacher Report and the caption they put over the video:

“Right, right,’’ Bryant said after I explained the circumstance to him. “But what (Bleacher Report’s) dumb-ass don’t understand is the speed level was sky-high. About 60. (And five yards away from the JUGS machine instead of a slower speed from 10 yards). Everybody can do it with concentration. If it was set on the regular level I would’ve caught all of ‘em. But that’s not the purpose of the drill. But I guess before their [email protected]$$ decides — you can write ‘[email protected]$$’ three times — before they decide they want to make a joke, they need to get all the facts before they come after somebody.’’

“Yeah, but it’s all good, my man,’’ Bryant said. “I don’t too much give a damn about what they’re talking about. Just check me out this year. That’s it.”


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