Japanese Gymnast Racks Up a $5,000 Phone Bill Playing ‘Pokemon Go’ in Rio

2015 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships - Day Ten

Kohei Uchimura may be a world class athlete, but from the looks of this story, his judgment is a little…off. 

The reigning gold medallist in the men’s all-around, Uchimura arrived in Rio only to instantly rack up a $4,954 phone bill for roaming charges while playing Pokemon Go.

That’s not even the embarrassing part.

Here’s the embarrassing part: Pokemon Go hasn’t been released in Brazil, so Kohei spent $5,000 on data charges…NOT chasing Pokemon?

Lucky for him, he spoke to a cell provider, and they agreed to reduce the charges down to $30/day. That seems a lot more manageable. And a better price to pay to still not catch any Pokemon in a country that doesn’t have any.

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