Meet Russia’s Lone Olympic Golfer, Maria Verchenova (Pics)

russian olympic golfer maria verchenova

There will be a lot fewer Russians at the 2016 Summer Olympics. To date over 110 of their athletes have been banned for doping, including the entire rowing, weightlifting, and track and field teams. That works out to just over 25% of their contingent.

Fortunately the list of banned Russian athletes does not include golfer Maria Verchenova.

The 2016 Rio Games will mark the first time golf has been played at the Olympics since 1904 in St. Louis. And Verchenova won’t just be the only female Russian golfer. She’ll be the only Russian golfer period.

Of course, as you may have deduced, Verchenova also happens to be very attractive. In fact, it’s not going out on a limb to say Verchenova is the hottest Russian female pro golfer on the planet. The pool of Russian female pro golfers is not very deep. There are no Russian women on the LPGA Tour, and there are only three on the European LPGA, of which Verchenova was actually the first.

Still, being the hottest anything is pretty cool. I should know. I’m currently the hottest male sports blogger sitting in my living room.

Anyway, here’s a sampling of Verchenova’s finer Instagram posts:

A photo posted by Maria Verchenova (@mariaverchenova) on

Have fun at the Olympics, Ms. Verchenova. Just watch out for the giant rodents.

Hat Tip – [Terez Owens]

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