At Age 42, Former NFL WR Terrell Owens Still Thinks He Can Be a 1,000 Yard Receiver

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Former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens is 42-years-old and hasn’t been in the NFL since 2010, but that still hasn’t stopped him from trying to land on a team. Any team.

While appearing on Thursday’s edition of The Dan Patrick Show, Owens stills believes he can be a top notch wide receiver in this league.

“It would depend on the situation, depending on the team, what kind of packages they have,” Owens said. “I could insert myself somewhere strategically with a good offensive coordinator throughout the season and I could definitely, I would say anywhere to 800 to 1,000. And again, that’s on the shy side.”

Owens specifically mentioned joining the Los Angeles Rams because he’s in L.A and he has no idea who their WR’s are.

“I just happened to catch a radio broadcast the other day and they were talking about [how the Rams] don’t have a No. 1 receiver. So I don’t even know who their receivers are,” he said.

“At this point in time in my career that’s not a focus of mine,” he said. “But if they needed me for whatever reason, I would do my best to get in shape. I understand going on a team like that, it would be more so for a mentor-ship type of a role, but at the same time I would still like to compete and really get something out of it.”

Seems like everybody knows T.O’s career is over, except him.

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