Falcons Cut LB Torrey Green After He’s Accused of Raping 4 Women


Career possibly over before it even started.

Former Utah State linebacker Torrey Green was signed as a rookie free agent by the Atlanta Falcons, but that quickly changed as they waived him on Thursday after they were made aware of two rape allegations against him.


TMZ Sports lays out the details:


“INCIDENT #1 (January 14, 2015) — The accuser claims Green took her back to his apartment, pushed her onto the bed, removed her pants and began to have sex with her against her will.

The accuser told cops she was VERY clear to Green she did not want to have sex … telling him, “Please stop, I don’t want to do this” … but he “went for it” anyway.

After the incident, the woman claims Green said to her, “You aren’t the kinda girl that would report rape? Because that would ruin my career.”

The woman went to the Utah State sexual assault center that same night and nurses administered a rape kit.

Green told cops the woman is lying — insisting he stopped his sexual advances when she “hesitated” … and says he would never have sex with anyone against their will.

INCIDENT #2 (Nov. 21, 2015) — A different woman claims she and Green had been drinking a lot at a party when he took her to a room, locked the door and begged her to have sex.

The woman says she remembers saying “No” and trying to leave the room, but the door was locked. Next thing she knows, Green is on top of her, her pants were off and she was in pain.

The woman got a rape kit and went to police, but cops say she stopped being cooperative. The case has been kicked over to the D.A. anyway.

There was a 3rd incident involving a 3rd woman … who claims she was also sexually assaulted by Green in November … when he groped her several times against her will. She also went to police.”

According to other reports, it’s 4 different women who separately reported being sexually assaulted by Green to the Logan City Police Department in 2015. At the time, no charges were filed and the investigations stalled, until investigators decided to re-examine the cases.

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