Jaguars RB Denard Robinson Ordered By Judge To Pay $100 in Fines For Driving Car Into Pond (Video)

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In July, Jacksonville Jaguars running back Denard Robinson apparently fell asleep at the wheel while at a red light and his Chevy Impala slowly drifted into the opposite lane right into a pond.

According to TMZ:

“The 25-year-old running back was cited for careless driving after crossing a few lanes of traffic and crashing his car into a retention pond on July 3rd.

According to Florida Times-Union’s Larry Hannan, Robinson just pled no contest to the citation. The judge ordered him to pay $100 fine and said he’ll get no points on his driving record.

Robinson was not present in court, but sent his attorney, Henry Coxe, on his behalf. He argued Robinson’s car drifted after he fell asleep at a red light … but barely went into the water.”

An entire $100 in fines. How will he ever recover from this??


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