Kendrick Lamar and ScHoolBoyQ Show Up at Rams Training Camp, While Jets Get…Dennis Rodman? (Videos)

kendrick lamar and schoolboyq rams training camp

When the Rams moved from St. Louis to Los Angeles back in January, they became almost twice as cool pretty much instantly.

That’s not a knock against St. Louis. It’s a perfectly nice town. But Jon Hamm and Nelly can’t compete with the bevy of L.A. trendsetters who instantly became Rams fans the moment the announcement was made.

Just take a look at this scene from Rams training camp on Wednesday. Kendrick Lamar and ScHoolBoyQ showed up to schmooze with players and take a few reps:

If the team was still in St. Louis, would two of the hottest, most influential hiphop artists in the world be at Rams training camp? No, they would not.

Hell, the Jets play in New York and the only celebrity they could get to show up at their camp was Dennis Rodman, and he hasn’t been “cool” since 1997:

Thanks for the love, @dennisrodman! #JetsCamp

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Rams owner Stan Kroenke may be a huge douche, but from an economic point of view you can’t argue with the decision to relocate.

Don’t get me wrong, the Rams may lose their luster after three more 7-8 finishes under Jeff Fisher. But for now they’re actually cool for the first time in years.

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