Martellus Bennett In An Interview With ESPN Says The NFL Stands For “N*****s for Lease”

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NFL brothers Martellus and Michael Bennett tossed around plenty of jokes during their ESPN The Magazine feature story for the August 22 issue.

While sitting down for an interviewing with ESPN staff writer Mina Kimes, the two gave their opinions on several players in the league, including NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

New England Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett took it one step further by pointing out the differences in contract between the NBA and NFL, asking Mina the following question:

Martellus Bennett: “Do you know what the NFL stands for?” he asks.
Mina: “No Fun League? Not For Long?”
Martellus Bennett: “N—–s For Lease.”
“Growing up, black people never owned anything,” Martellus says. “I want to build. I want to make.”
He turns to Michael. “How many black owners have there been in the history of the NFL?”
“Zero,” Michael says. “We’re check getters, not check writers.”
Martellus continued…
“Why are we not hiring people who used to work at Microsoft, at Google, Apple?” Michael asks. “We can’t be athletes thinking the way athletes think. We need people who are like: I used to work at Nike. Let’s go to China and create our own shoes.”
“That’s my problem with the NFLPA,” Martellus says. “I feel like they’re always playing defense and not offense. They’re never making progressive moves.”
“We could be like the WWE — they started their own channel,” Michael says.
“We could make our own movies.”
“We could make our own show.”
Earlier in the featured story, Martellus had this to say as well:
“If you’re a player, the only thing you own is your likeness, and your likeness has a date on it. The only way we can be sustainable is to make our own companies.”

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