PornHub Helps Fight Zika Virus…by Giving Olympic Athletes Free Premium Accounts (Video)

Olympics - Previews - Day -2

As we all know, the Brazil Olympic seem to be wrought with health hazards, but athletes and fans are finding an unlikely ally in the fight against Zika virus from none other than PornHub. The streaming adult video service has announced that, to promote abstinence in the area, they will be offering free subscriptions to its premium accounts for not only athletes but ALL residents of Rio during the Olympics.

Between this and the Pokemon, the Olympic Village will end up more like a lazy college dorm than a meeting of the world’s greatest athletes.

The CDC has recommended abstinence as the best defense against Zika, and as we’ve learned, Olympic athletes tend to get pretty amorous during the games, so hopefully this will serve as a decent alternative and keep us all safe.

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