Rio Riot Cops Fire Tear Gas and Stun Guns at Protestors Blocking Path of Olympic Torch (Video)

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Image via Getty

Riot police in Rio de Janeiro used some extreme tactics on protesters Wednesday in an effort to clear a path for the Olympic torch.

The torch arrived in the city via sea around 9:15 a.m., delivered by Brazilian Olympic sailors. At the same time, just a few miles away, 450 heavily armed police officers carried out a series of raids on drug traffickers in the Alemao slum, which is right next to the airport and the main road to most of the city’s Olympic venues.

Later, as the torch made its way through the city, police say anti-government protestors threw rocks and blocked the torch’s path in the Duque de Caixas neighborhood on Rio’s north side. They elected to disperse the protesters with tear gas, pepper spray, and rubber bullets.

Needless to say, these heavy handed tactics were met with criticism on social media. Take a look:

The Rio Olympics have been mired in controversy for years. The government has spent billions of dollars it does not have to build athletic venues many say they do not need. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of people live in poverty, hospitals crumble, and first responders go unpaid.

With the opening ceremony on Friday, it doesn’t look like the protests are going to die down any time soon.

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