Russia Says Man Who Pulled Some Deadly Jiu-Jitsu on Mugger in Olympic Village Is NOT One of Their Diplomats

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In what is shaping up to be a bigger story than the actual opening ceremonies of the Olympics, a story is coming out of Rio last night that is seemingly stranger than fiction.

What is known (and presumably not disputed), is that SOMEONE was driving near the Olympic Park with his wife and daughter, stuck in a traffic jam. Two men on motorcycles attacked his car with guns, and once he was forced out, he pulled out some jiu-jitsu to take the gun off one attacker, before fatally shooting him. The other assailant fled, and is assumed to be uninjured.

If that wasn’t weird enough, it’s the denial by the Russian government that the man was their vice-consul that seems even stranger. O Globo, a Rio newspaper, states clearly, “The vice-consul got into a physical confrontation with the aggressor, and during the fight, the assailant’s gun was fired several times.”

However, the Russian government says its consulate officials aren’t armed and are “Russian citizens with Russian names,” a statement in response to the rumors that the man being questioned is Brazilian.

So what’s going on? Well…we don’t know. Hopefully we will find out, but regardless of who the target actually was, it sounds like they stood their ground and protected their family. Unless even the basic facts of the crime are in dispute.

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