New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees Throws 4 INT’s During Practice (Video)

Drew Brees

Rough day indeed.

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees had possibly his worst practice he has ever had in his career on Saturday during training camp.

Brees reportedly threw not one, not two, not three, but four interceptions on Saturday.



After practice, Brees had this to say while speaking to reporters:

“It was a rough day, probably one of the rougher days I’ve had in a long time, maybe ever, in a training camp practice,” Brees told reporters. “Some of them were bad luck, others were anticipating where the ball should be and for whatever reason it gets tipped. Just not quite the execution that we hoped for. The one at the end should not happen, that’s a critical mistake and you need to avoid those. Those are frustrating but I’m glad I’m getting them out of the way right now.”

“Oh yeah, I’m able to turn the page very quickly,” Brees insisted. “The part that bothers me is if there’s an error made that you just say, ‘That shouldn’t happen. I’ve played enough football, I know the situation. That mistake can’t happen.’ Those are the ones that bother me.”

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