Conor McGregor Takes Another Shot at WWE Stars & Gets Responses From 2 of Them

UFC 196: McGregor v Diaz

On Saturday, McGregor was on a conference call to promote UFC 202, when he is scheduled to fight Nate Diaz.  He was asked about doing some future business with the WWE and he had this to say.

“I haven’t really thought about it,” McGregor said … “For the most part, those WWE guys are p**sies.”

“They’re messed up p**sies if you ask me.”

“I mean fair play to Brock, he got in and fought [at UFC 200] … but at the end of the day he’s juiced up to the eyeballs … so how can I respect that?”

On Sunday, Conor McGregor took to Twitter to clarify his comments…Not really.  He actually just made it worse.

…and then he got two responses by a few WWE superstars.


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