Dirt Car Driver Bryan Clauson Died on Sunday Following Fatal Crash (Video)

Indianapolis 500 - Qualifying

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Bryan Clauson, a former NASCAR driver turned dirt track driver, died on Sunday at the age of 27 after getting into a horrific wreck in competition at the Bellville Midget Nationals in Kansas. He ran into another car, then flipped end over end several times. What was left of his car was then hit by another car that didn’t have time to avoid him.

The race itself was Saturday, but Clauson fought for his life until Sunday. His family issued this statement:

“Our Bryan fought to the end with the same desire that he demonstrated behind the wheel of all the various race cars he would park in victory lane.”

Here’s the video of the crash:

It seems like the final collision may have been the one that turned a bad crash into a fatal one, but it’s unlikely that we’ll ever know, nor does it matter all that much.

Our thought and prayers go out to the friends and family of Bryan Clauson.

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