ESPN’s Bill Barnwell: “Eli Manning Doesn’t Belong In Hall of Fame When His Career is Over’

Eli Manning reaction

Last week, NFL Network took a long look across the league and examined the Hall of Fame probabalities for several players. New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning was listed as a “best bet” to make the hall of fame once his career was all said and done.

ESPN’s Bill Barnwell strongly disagrees with that assessment and stated his opinion as to why the 2-time Super Bowl Champion is not a lock to be in the hall of fame.

“Eli Manning might make the Hall of Fame, which is going to infuriate a lot of people. On numbers alone, Eli shouldn’t be there. He has made four Pro Bowls, and while he has put together a very nice second peak after the arrival of Ben McAdoo, nobody who watches Manning on a week-to-week basis thinks that he looks like a Hall of Famer by any stretch of the imagination. The basis for his candidacy, then, is winning two Super Bowl MVP awards in victories over the Patriots, and Manning will get bonus credit for beating the previously undefeated 2007 Patriots. (The memories of Eli nearly throwing the game away with an interception on the play before the Helmet Catch have already mostly disappeared.)

The list of guys who have won Super Bowl MVP two or more times includes Terry Bradshaw, Tom Brady, Joe Montana and Bart Starr. They’re all in (or will be in) the Hall of Fame. I’d also argue that Eli doesn’t belong on a tier with those passers because of what they all did in the other hundreds of games they each played over the course of their respective careers. I wouldn’t vote for him, but some will.”

Those are some strong words about Eli.

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