Rio Police Arrest Namibian Boxer for Attempted Sexual Assault in Olympic Village


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Rio police arrested Namibian boxer Jonas Junius on suspicion of attempted sexual assault.

Junius, 22, was Namibia’s flag bearer at the opening ceremonies this past Friday. The story was first reported on Monday morning by Al Jazeera correspondent Gabriel Elizondo.

Jesse Schickerling, head of the Namibian delegation, confirmed the arrest with The Namibian, the country’s largest daily newspaper. According to their report, an Olympic Village housekeeper says Junius (whose name is variously spelled Junias) offered her money in exchange for sex. He then grabbed her and tried to kiss her, but she ran away and called police.

Schnickerling is currently in negotiations to get the boxer out on bail. If he is unsuccessful, Junius, who is scheduled to fight Hassan Anzille of France on Thursday, will be taken to the Bangu maximum security prison complex.

Sadly, Junius is not the first Olympic boxer to be arrested for an alleged sexual assault in Olympic Village. On Friday Moroccan boxer Hassan Sada was arrested after allegedly groping housekeepers working across the hall from his room.

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