Derrick Rose’s Accuser Describes in Detail How He & His Buddies Gang Raped Her


New York Knicks fragile point guard Derrick Rose was traded from the Chicago Bulls this offseason and with that came a claim of rape by a former girlfriend of D-Rose that allegedly happened back in 2013. The rape accuser is suing Rose for $21 million for an alleged gang rape she claims happened in her apartment.

Derrick Rose has claimed many times that she is doing this out of spite because he wouldn’t reimburse her for the sex toys that were used while a scheduled gangbang was going on.

In newly filed court documents, the unnamed accuser states she woke up vomiting only to find one of Derrick Rose’s buddies inside of her without her consent.

According to Bossip:

“According to docs filed on August 4th, Jane Doe describes in detail the alleged rape she endured during a deposition under oath. When asked about the sexual interaction with Rose at her apartment she recalls, “He was standing right on the edge of my bed and he was dragging me to the edge of the bed. And I remember him pulling his pants down. As I was trying to get off the bed, I remember him like penetrating me. And I just kept on trying to roll off the bed. I was – didn’t want to like – anything to happen, so I was trying to roll off the bed.”

She explained that Rose left the room and then she woke up to one of his friends inside of her and she detailed her memory, “I had felt something on my chest. I couldn’t breathe, and I woke up, and he left my body. He pushed me and left the room.”

The woman said she woke up and began vomiting while one of the NBA star’s friends was right in between her legs. And he then started putting his clothes on and left the room.

 The morning after the alleged rape she noticed an unused condom on her floor and another condom that had been used in her bed.

During the deposition, Rose’s lawyer questions her about everything from getting an STD test to anal sex and even asked about the size of Derrick’s friends penis.”

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