Dwyane Wade’s Ex-Wife Wants $10M Because She Helped His Career & He Had Endorsements


Not even a $5 million divorce settlement could keep Chicago Bulls guard Dwyane Wade’s ex-wife away from him. Despite that settlement and their marital home that was given to her, Siovaughn Funches still wants to put her hand in D.Wade’s cookie jar for more money.

As soon as Wade signed a $47 million deal with the Chicago Bulls, Funches wanted the original agreement thrown out, because she wants a piece of the new pie.

According to BOSSIP:

Siovaughn Funches said in court papers that she is entitled to at least $10 million from her ex-husband because many of his endorsement deals occurred while they were married, according to court docs obtained by BOSSIP.

Funches said since she supported him before he went pro and helped him develop his career in the NBA, she deserves a stake in Wade’s endorsements for companies like T-Mobile, Staples and Gatorade, as well as his royalties and other revenue, according to her new complaint in her malpractice case against her former lawyer, which she filed last week in Cook County Circuit Court.

 Wade initially paid Funches a $5 million settlement plus handed over their marital home, but last year Funches sued her lawyer, Brian Hurst, because she said his handling of the case screwed her out of a bigger settlement. Funches said Hurst never showed her Wade’s business contracts, so she had no idea how much he made and how much she could lay claim to. She said the lawyer pressured her into taking the settlement instead of going to trial, leaving her with much less than she believed she was supposed to get.
“Hurst assured Funches and continued to assure Funches throughout his representation of her, that she was entitled to at least $10,000,000 based on the evidence Hurst had in the case as well as other factors such as the length of the marriage (and) the parties’ employment…” Funches wrote in her new complaint, which was obtained by BOSSIP.”
Funches is claiming her lawyer didn’t disclose a lot of pertinent info with her regarding how much she could obtain and how much stuff Wade would have to pay if she had fought for it.
“Funches said Hurst failed to get her key demands met in the case, like making Wade pay her law school tuition, travel expenses for their sons and getting their marital home appraised. She said the lawyer agreed to the settlement without Funches’ OK, which included a clause that she couldn’t trash talk Wade – something she said she’d never agree to.
The ex-wife also said Wade should’ve paid her alimony because she was an unemployed law student at the time of the divorce, but didn’t, she claimed, because of the lawyer’s negligence.”

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