Like Father, Like Son: Michael Irvin Jr. Makes Insane One-Handed Grab at Canes Practice (Video)


Like father, like son. Michael Irvin Jr. is following in dad’s footsteps as a wide receiver at Miami, and as a freshman, it’s clear that he’s just getting the hang of the next level of football.

This video shows Irvin running a pretty terrible route, but using those famed Irvin genetics to make the catch anyway.

Take a look here:

It’s nice to make a great catch like that, but it’s probably not so great to hear your coach call your route “horse****” or “awful.” It’s probably better to run the correct route, then make an easier catch, right?

His dad was one of the best route-runners in the league, so we have faith that Junior will come around.

HT – [BroBible]

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