Geno Smith: ‘Every day I’m Pissed off Until I Get My Job Back’

Geno Smith Broken Jaw

I guess Geno’s going to be pissed off until his career is over.

The New York Jets quarterback spoke recently about the punch heard round the world by then teammate IK Enemkpail, which turned his season and career upside down .

“I don’t think about it,” Smith continued. “It was a crazy situation, a life-defining moment. It could go one of two ways – it could make you or it could break you. It hasn’t broken me. It won’t break me ever. A situation like that won’t change my demeanor or my attitude. I know who I am. I know what I can do. I’m just trusting my instincts. I know I’ll get back in there. I just have to stay focused and keep believing and working hard, and when I do, I’ll be ready for it.”

On Thursday, it marked the one-year anniversary since that punch landed Geno Smith on the bench and propelled neck-beard Ryan Fitzpatrick into the starting spot.  And it pisses Geno off everyday he thinks about it.

“Every day I’m pissed off until I get my job back,” Smith said. “Until I’m a starting quarterback, I’m pissed off every day.

“That’s my mentality, that’s my competitive nature. I want to win so badly, deep inside of me. I’m not pissed off at anyone, but I do believe I’m a starting quarterback in this league, and I believe I can do great things.”

The punch was allegedly over an unpaid $600 debt that left Geno with a broken jaw and temporarily broken dreams.

“Of course, yeah, I expected to get my job back once I came back, but that didn’t happen,” Smith said. “So what do you do? Do you begin to pout? Do you give up on your dreams? Or do you keep moving forward, keep pressing forward and understand that things will come back around?”

“It seems like an eternity because I’ve buried it behind me and I’ve gotten so much better on the field and off the field from that point,” the three-year veteran said. “It seems like an eternity. You’re right, it was only a year ago, but that goes to show how much someone can improve and how much you can grow in just a year.”

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