Marshawn Lynch’s Little Brother Can Go Full Beast Mode, Too (Video)

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Marshawn Lynch might be an NFL retiree, but his brother is still making his bones in college. Despite the age difference, it’s clear that Davonte Lynch is capable of the same phenomenal tackle-breaking runs as his older bro is.

Check out this video from Davonte’s game at New Mexico Highlands Universtiy. He gets the ball, runs up the middle, then drags about half the players on the field, offense and defense, nearly 30 yards downfield into the endzone.

Here’s the amazing play:

Marshawn Lynch’s brother, DaVonte, goes into Beast Mode. (Submitted by @vonte_10k)

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I realize that it’s New Mexico Highlands University, and they’re not playing Notre Dame or anything, but it’s still pretty impressive, isn’t it?

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