Egyptian Athlete Refuses to Shake Israeli Opponent’s Hand After Losing in Judo (Video)

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There’s a lot of talk about how the Olympics breaks barriers and unites the world for several weeks every couple years to put politics aside in the name of competition and accomplishment.  But that doesn’t mean that the games suddenly become a Utopia for all involved.

After suffering a loss in judo at the hands of an Israeli opponent, Egyptian Islam El Shehaby refused to shake the hand of the victor, Judoka Or Sasson.

It’s also customary for opponents to bow upon entering and leaving the mat, but El Shehaby had to be reminded of this fact, then barely even nodded his head when doing so.

Here’s a clip of the snub:

Now, there’s no definitive proof that this had to do with their nationalities, so while we can hope that maybe the Egyptian was just being a very poor sport, in all likelihood, this snub extended to political beliefs.

We’d hope to do better at the games, but I guess it doesn’t always turn out that way, does it?

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