Ryan Lochte Thinks Michael Phelps Will Totally Compete at 2020 Olympics (Video)

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After seeing Michael Phelps‘ dominant performance up close and personal (he was swimming in the lane next to him during the 200M medley finals), Ryan Lochte agreed with all the other Americans who thought that Phelps has another Olympics in him.

In fact, Lochte guaranteed it:

Phelps made history last night by becoming the first person to win the same event (the 200M medley) in four Olympics.  After seeing the margin that he won by, it’s not hard to think that he could come back and do it again in another four years.

Four years from now, Phelps would be 35, which could adversely affect a lesser athlete, but I’m not entirely sure that Phelps actually ages.

We won’t know what his status is for 2020 for a few years, so let’s all just chill out and watch him in the rest of these 2016 games for now, ok?

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