Report: Rams RB Tre Mason Led Police on a Chase While on His ATV

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Just another weird incident involving Los Angeles Rams running back Tre Mason.

Since the end of the 2015 season, Tre Mason has had no contact with the Rams, has yet to report to camp, and cops had been called to his house 5 times in 4 months with no arrests being made.

After being distant for months, Mason was located at his mother’s home in Florida practicing drills in her front yard. He stated he wouldn’t report to camp when asked by a local reporter.

According to TMZ, back in July, Mason led police officers on an ATV chase in Palm Beach, Florida.

“It all went down on July 27th around 3 PM — when cops say Mason was tearing up the grass and dirt on an ATV while not wearing a helmet or eye protection.

Cops say he was doing wheelies and “spinning the tires so the dirt and grass would shoot out on to [the nearby road].”

One officer tried to approach Mason to talk — but the RB drove right past him at a high rate of speed … so cops gave chase. They eventually followed Mason back to his home, where he locked himself inside.

Cops spoke with a family member who convinced Tre to come outside — where he was cited for operating an ATV on public roads and fleeing cops. Cops later towed the vehicle from the scene because it was not registered to anyone.”

This latest incident was now the 6th time cops have been called for an incident involving Tre Mason.

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