Baltimore Tourist Captures Cam Newton’s Random Act of Kindness Toward Homeless Man


This is how you know when a good deed is truly from the heart and not just for show because cameras are around to see.

On Wednesday, Baltimore residents Candace and Danmon Gregory were taking a stroll through Baltimore’s Inner Harbor when they witnessed a random act of kindness from Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton.


“As they rounded the corner, Candace and Danmon — in town for business — watched as Newton gave one of the bags to a man sitting beside a bus stop with a sign that said, “Homeless Please help hungry — food.”

“People talk about him dabbing and all the stuff that in my mind ultimately should be irrelevant, because that doesn’t get to the heart of who he is,” Candace said of Newton.

“I once saw him give something to a disabled child at a practice and people were like, ‘Oh, it’s a photo opportunity.’ But this was when nobody was looking. That’s why we shared it, because character is what you do when nobody is looking.””

My sweet friend, who is in Baltimore on business, went for a stroll last night and ran into our boys leaving Sullivan’s Steakhouse! She was so kind to share this picture she snapped with me. Our team leader extraordinaire, Cam Newton, had two bags of food from the restaurant and was handing it out to the homeless. It is what you do in secret, away from the media, away from all the hype, that shows the true measure and character of a man. Cam’s servants’ heart never ceases to amaze and humble me! I am so incredibly proud to say this young man represents my Queen City. We truly have a team of remarkable men who love to serve! God bless them all!! #KeepPounding #PantherNation #love #serve #humility #thisiswhatitsallabout❤ #soproudofmyboys #ourqbisarealleader #704 #queencity

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Backup quarterback Joe Webb says Cam does random acts of kindness all the time, even planning outings just to deliver food to homeless.

“It’s like second nature for him,” said Webb, who sometimes accompanies Newton on such outings. “It’s no surprise that he did it. A lot of people say, ‘What are you doing when people aren’t looking?’ It speaks volumes that he’s a great person.”

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