FA CB Antonio Cromartie to Joey Bosa: ‘Who’s Running The Show – You or Your Mom?’

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The San Diego Chargers selected Joey Bosa with the 3rd overall draft pick in the 2016 NFL draft.  However, Bosa and the Chargers have been unable to agree to terms on a contract as camp continues to roll along without him.

Last week, Joey Bosa’s mom took to Facebook and stated she wished her son had ‘pulled an Eli Manning’ on draft day, referring to when the Manning family told the San Diego Chargers before the 2004 NFL Draft not to draft Eli because he would not sign with them.

Free Agent cornerback Antonio Cromartie had some strong words about the rookie holding out while speaking with NFL Network on Monday:

“I think it’s going to be the veteran guys (who care about the holdout),” Cromartie told NFL Network on Monday, according to FOX Sports’ Andrew Lynch. “It’s going to be his locker room presence. ‘What kind of guy are you really?’ Who’s really running the show? Is it your mom, or is it you? I think that’s what everyone is looking at. And I think Antonio Gates said it best: Get your butt in here. Man up, do what you need to do. Tell your agent what you’re gonna have to do.”

Cromartie referenced his short holdout when he was coming into the league and offered some advice to Bosa.

“I mean, I had a two-day holdout when I was coming in,” said Cromartie. “But I was just like, ‘Look man, let’s get a deal done before I can get into camp.’ I think that’s the biggest part. They’re looking for you to come in and make plays and come in as a starter, as a first-round draft pick. They’re not looking for you to sit on the bench, they’re looking for you to come in and make plays. They need you, and you need to try to build that team chemistry that’s with the guys in the locker room also.”

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