JFK Airport Terminal Cleared Because Usain Bolt Celebration Sounded Like Gunfire

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 9.18.46 AM

In case you were wondering whether or not people were feeling these Rio Olympics the same way they have those in the past, a story out of New York is suggesting, yeah, they are.

Part of JFK airport had to be cleared on Sunday night after reports of gunfire came to security officials. Though no official statement on the matter has been issued just yet, the timing and lack of concrete evidence suggests that the “gunfire” in question was really just enthusiastic fans watching TVs and cheering on Usain Bolt.

It started like this:

This seemed to be the best that JFK officials could come up with:

Obviously, this wasn’t optimal if you had a flight to catch and had to go back through security.  But if you were just a sports fan looking for a rowdy place to watch some track events, it sounds like JFK was the place to be.

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