Usain Bolt Smiles For Cameras DURING 100-Meter Race in Rio, Becomes Internet Meme (Tweets)

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

Fans of Usain Bolt know that the man can’t help himself from creating a little spectacle not just after his races, but during them as well. Of course, this doesn’t create too much controversy in the sporting world because he’s still able to not just win those races while showboating, but actually set world records.

Such was the case last night during the men’s 100M semifinals. Bolt didn’t manage to tally up a new record, but he did win his heat by a large margin, and was tossing some smiles and shade to his opponents in the process.

Sadly, there aren’t any decent clips of the man running because the IOC has cracked down on Olympic video sharing, but there is the image up top, which the internet wasted little time turning into dozens of memes:

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