Australian Badminton Player Ends His Olympic Campaign by Eating a Disgusting Amount of McDonald’s (Pic)

I understand why athletes take the opportunity to binge on junk food after they’ve competed. They have probably been eating terrible food and working so hard that they just need a break from exercise, prep, and nutrition.

However, there are a few things in Australian badminton player Sawan Serasinghe’s Facebook post that I don’t understand. Take a look first: 

First of all, how healthy do badminton players need to eat? I would imagine that as long as they’re not actively eating chicken wings during a match, they’re good.

Secondly, why McDonald’s? If you’re in Rio, at least go to a Hard Rock or something.

Thirdly, why so much? Is he trying to kill himself? At first I thought it was an ad for McD’s, but then I saw he called it “junk food,” which they probably wouldn’t go for in a sponsored post.

The world may never know…

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