Here’s the Hardest Hits That the American 7’s Football League Has to Offer (Video)


Sure, it might not be the NFL, and the athletes lie somewhere between rec league and D-II on the spectrum of talent, but that doesn’t mean 7-man football isn’t an insanely fun spectacle. As this highlight clip demonstrates, a lack of pads doesn’t really deter these guys from coming at each other fast and furious.

Using the video as the only indication, it seems that these guys are still playing tackle ball, just without all that pesky safety gear. Take a look:

Many of us have heard the theory that sports like rugby are actually safer than regular football because the players are more cautious due to the absence of pads. I guess this league would be an interesting study in that regard. Also, maybe it could teach us how to get the ugliest uniforms imaginable. American 7s excel in that regard, too.

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