Chad Johnson Says T.O’s Career Wouldn’t Have Flourished If He Played in AFC North (Video)

Cincinnati Bengals v Carolina Panthers

Good friends and former Cincinnati Bengals teammates Chad Johnson & Terrell Owens have been in a back & forth about who was the better WR since Johnson brought it up on Twitter a few days ago.


It escalated from a friendly back & forth on social media all the way to an interview with Mike & Mike, where they discussed who the better receiver really was.

“Stats can be misleading, like his are. He was a great player, but he wasn’t better than me. He was just in better situations.” – Chad Johnson

Then they took the argument to SportsCenter, where Chad Johnson states that Owens wouldn’t have been able to survive 10 years in the AFC North like he did.

Seriously, these two need their own TV show.

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