Insane Video: Golfer Pulls Gun on Guy He Thinks Stole His Golf Clubs

golfer pulls gun on man who allegedly stole his golf clubs

A 59-year-old golfer pulled a gun and threatened to kill a guy because he thought he stole his golf clubs. And it was all caught on video.

Donald Acree is a retired fire marshal from Sapulpa, Oklahoma. On July 13, his $3,800 golf clubs were stolen from LaFortune Park Golf Club in Tulsa. After witnesses described the man and his vehicle to Acree, he drove straight to Golf Galaxy on the “off chance” the thief had already sold his clubs. When he got there he spotted a man fitting the description of the thief trying to sell the clubs to another person.

That’s when shit got real.

Rather than call the police, Acree took matters into his own hands. So he pulled his gun and demanded the suspected thief lie down on the ground. In the process he also identified himself as a cop, kicked the guy in the head, and said “I’m gawn keel you” and “I’m gawn to shoot him right in the back of the fuckin’ head”—to which one bystander correctly observed, “No, you can’t do that. He’s not armed.”

Take a look at the video:

The man in the purple shirt is 24-year-old Devon Montgomery. We know that because police arrested him on suspicion of grand larceny.

After being released on $1,000 bail, Montgomery got himself a lawyer and filed a complaint against Acree. His argument—that Acree violated the Oklahoma Firearms Act by threatening to murder him—has merit. There’s also the fact that Acree identified himself as a police officer, which is very illegal.

However, I wouldn’t hold my breath for any serious action to be taken against Acree. The police weren’t even going to investigate the incident until Montgomery filed a complaint because, as they explained, “we have to have a victim of a crime to investigate it.”

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