RGIII’s Cheating 7 Months After Daughter Was Born Led To Him Filing For Divorce From His Wife


On Tuesday, Cleveland Browns quarterback Robert Griffin III had informed his coaches and teammates of his impending divorce to his wife of three years, who he had been separated from for the past 3 months. Not always, but normally when a wife and husband have been separated for so long, infidelity has reared its ugly head.

It was first reported that Robert Griffin III had already moved on and hooked up with a 23-year-old blonde college student by the name of Grete Šadeiko, who currently attends FSU and is a member of the Seminole’s track team.

The actual truth was Griffin and Grete had been seeing each other for the past several months, which ultimately ended his marriage when his wife found out about it.

According to a source close to BSO,

“Robert was cheating with that girl, that is why they are getting divorced. Rebecca (RG3’s wife) won’t speak on the matter publicly because she wants to protect her daughter. It’s not his ‘new girlfriend’ it was an affair and she ruined their family, by actively pursuing a married man…

“As far as how she found out, another source simply said that RG3 wasn’t hiding it, he was carrying on the affair in plain sight. Rebecca reportedly was devastated when she found out because she had no idea he was filing for divorce until it hit social media according TMZ.”

After Griffin’s daughter was born, he began a relationship with Grete after he DM’d her on Instagram, which led to both of them getting tats of each others name on their arms.

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