Seattle Community College Offering Course For Bandwagon Football Fans

Seahawks Fans Gather To Watch Super Bowl XLIX, Seattle Vs. New England

Pretty cool for this community college to offer bandwagon courses to the entire population of Seattle. Besides the Miami Heat fan base from 2010-2014, no other fan base has jumped on the wagon of a sports team quite like Seattle Seahawks fans did back in 2012.

Green River, a Seattle-area community college, is offering a college course to help explain football to anybody who just recently jumped on the wagon of any team.


Basically, if a team was a perennial doormat of the league and suddenly got good, and all of a sudden a bunch of die-hards show up claiming to be down since day one, this class is for them.

Seattle Football 101: The Basics

“Have you recently jumped on the football bandwagon? If so, you may want to understand or review basic football rules, positions, terms, and scoring. As most ardent football fans can agree, the best time to ask questions about football may NOT be during the game! Join this fun, interactive class as we use our home team as a model for learning the basics of football which will help you enjoy the game even more. CEUs: .35”

Football 101 classes are every Saturday this semester, from 9:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. It’s a one time class that goes for anywhere between $35-$39. The website states that classes are currently sold out.

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